Trusted stories from our customers

Our firm asked Seaside Claims Services® to investigate a business that had been running from service and trying to hide their assets.


They were no match for Seaside Claims, who found the business in a different town under a different name.


We will certainly use Seaside Claims to help us find and investigate those who try to hide.”


Andrew Miller

Partner, Anderson & Miller, P.A.

I have used Seaside Claims Services® regularly since 2013.


They do good work and they do it promptly.”


Robyn Arey

Contractor Relations Regional Manager, ProVest, LLC

Thank you for your recent assistance in getting our court documents served. As a law firm, we require a dependable process server and courier service to deliver legal documents.


Your services are professional, fairly priced, and leave nothing to be desired. We rest much easier knowing our process server will get the job done without headache or delay.


We look forward to continuing our business relationship.”


Christopher Keever

The Law Office of Preston H. Oughton




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