We agree to the following eight principles to guide our daily business operations:

1. Professional Standards

We will adhere to these ethical and moral standards and follow the laws and regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which we work. We expect our employees and subcontractors to follow these same ethical and legal guidelines.


2. Licensing & Insurance
We will maintain an agency license in good standing with the governing bodies of each state we
conduct business in as well as an up-to-date business registration with the appropriate agencies where we are located. We will maintain professional liability insurance as well as Workers’ Compensation insurance to protect ourselves, our employees, and our clients.


3. Scope of Work
We will only accept cases in which we have an appropriate level of expertise required to conduct the investigation. We reserve the right to refuse work that may be driven by questionable motives or that could otherwise call into question our character, morals, or professional license.


4. Conflicts
We will not knowingly accept any assignments which can be construed in any way as self-serving or a conflict of interest with our business or other assignments.


5. Confidentiality
We will not disclose any confidential information without the consent of our clients, unless required by law or court order.


6. Fees & Results
We will bill at a reasonable fee, which is mutually agreed upon and can be adequately explained. We will not work on a contingency fee. We offer no guarantees as to the result or outcome of our investigation.


7. Reporting
Our findings will be presented in an unbiased and fact-based manner. We will not provide any determination of guilt or innocence and we will not omit any material information.


8. Staffing
We thoroughly vet and hire only qualified and licensed investigators, provide in-depth training to all
employees, and provide continued annual training to maintain a well-informed and well-trained field




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