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Process Service

Seaside Claims can serve all non-enforceable processes in St. Johns County and Duval County without the necessity of any motion or order from the courts. Each attempt will be conducted during reasonable hours of the day when the subject is anticipated to be present at the location of delivery. Seaside Claims frequently gets your documents served within 24 hours.


Document Retrieval

Seaside Claims assists legal professionals in many ways. We are able to promptly retrieve records and official documents, at a reasonable rate, from the Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns county courthouses.


Occupancy Checks / Tenant Inspections

Seaside Claims will make a personal visit to the requested property to determine occupancy and obtain contact information from the current tenants or homeowners. These requests are typically made during the pre-foreclosure process and help determine who needs to be served eviction papers, should foreclosure be imminent.


Mobile Notary Services

Seaside Claims provides mobile notary services in Duval County, Clay County, and St. Johns County.


Our price structure is based on zoning areas and hours of operation vary.


Zone 1 – $25

Zone 2 – $35

Zone 3 – $45


Zone 1 – $35

Zone 2 – $45

Zone 3 – $55


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